Wednesday, 8/12/20 – Pressing on… “Devouring & Defending”

Devouring & Defending

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I don’t know what it is about Tuesday mornings but so often it seems I do not sleep well the night before. Last Monday night was no exception.

I began to toss around 2 a.m. I may have dozed off a minute or three but for the most part I just tossed. By 3 a.m. I decided it was better to just get up and attempt to nap again later in the day.

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So there I was at 3 a.m. doing exercises on the living room floor and listening to some radio documentary about predators and prey. After that was a food program about nourishing your children with meals they will eat.

When I was done exercising it was my turn to eat and I fixed myself a breakfast worthy of a guy approaching 70 —  well, 69, but one needs a year to get psyched for that new numerical prefix — and it was then that I realized all three of these events had a common theme: something was devouring something.

This past Sunday brother Joseph Irwin urged us to “stand firm” against our enemy the devil, against the lies of this world, and against the dying sinful nature within us. 

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We must take heed not to become the devil’s prey, not to fall behind and become a straggling, weakened target. We must feed on Truth, the Word of God, and starve that “old dog” within us. We must give ourselves to exercise, to “working out” that new Life of Christ in and through us to get closer daily to actual holiness. 

Predator and prey… devouring… it all comes back full circle! Who would have guessed? But that sort of thing is just like God! That sort of “coincidence” happens often in the hearts of heeding Christians.

Well now it’s 5 p.m., time for that much-needed nap. Catch you tomorrow.

Press on…

To hear Joseph Irwin’s Sunday message, go to the Facebook page of Lincoln Baptist Church, or link to the livestream from the church website.

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