Monday, 10/7/19 – Pressing on…

Slow down and see…

I love to walk. Actually that’s not exactly true. I love to run, and I like to walk. But these days my body says I only get to walk. Running is out. Walking is now king, so I may as well say I love it!

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Well, I arrived a few minutes early for church this Sunday. The worship team was still preparing for the service and the sanctuary was otherwise empty. So I lingered in the lobby and began leafing through the magazine rack.

When my eyes spotted an older issue of Faith Today* magazine with the cover article “The Joy of WALKING in a Life of Faith,” well, as you can imagine, it caught my attention.

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In it the author Mark Buchanan notes that Christianity has no physical discipline associated with it. He writes, “Hinduism has yoga. Taoism has Tai Chi. Shintoism as karate. Christianity has… nothing.” He wonders if perhaps Christianity did have a physical discipline which accompanied it and possibly lost it. But whether it did or it didn’t he speculates that if it were to have one the one most appropriate would be walking.

Jesus walked everywhere. When Jesus called “Come, follow me,” Buchanan points out that Jesus was walking, not driving!

Walking slows us down. “I needed to slow down to catch up,” he says.

This past Sunday Elder Don Longworth encouraged us to slow down and see Jesus. “It is amazing how much you will get out of a church service when all you want is Jesus,” He told us. To slow down and see Jesus enriches you no matter what the circumstances.

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Sometimes even despite our mis-seeking, God breaks through. Were we seeking entertainment… spectacle… a concert? Sometimes even despite these we will see Jesus. How much more of Him might we see if we came seeking only Him?

Today is Monday. Another week lay ahead of you. Will you seek Jesus in it? Will you seek Him today…. Now? Paul and Silas saw Jesus as they sang worship songs to him from prison. (Acts 16:25-26). In fact, an earthquake ensued and their captor was set free. He too saw Jesus… he and his household. (v. 29-34).

Writes Buchanan, referencing Japanese theologian Kosuke Koyama, “I follow a three-mile-an-hour God.” A walking pace God.

Slow down. See Jesus. Walk with Him.

His eyes are on you.

More tomorrow…

*Faith Today, May/June 2019, p. 30

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