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Fridays are ‘Whydays’ at thebrokenrunner.com
Here’s the Friday ‘Tough Questions’ we’ve looked at since the blog began in September, 2018

9/7/18 – “How can a person get past a sense of unworthiness and receive all that Christ wants to give?”
9/14/18 – “Are Dinosaurs in the Bible?”
9/21/18 – “How could Jesus ‘learn obedience from what He suffered’ and be ‘made perfect’? (Heb. 5:8) Was there a time when Jesus was disobedient, or imperfect?”
9/28/18 – “Does Prayer Cause God to Change His Mind?”
10/5/18 – “Why?”
10/12/18 – “What is David’s Dancing before the Lord all About Anyway?”
10/19/18 – “Have we misjudged ‘judging’?”
10/26/18 – “Will We Recognize Each Other in Heaven?”
11/2/18 – “What is the difference between ‘disciple’ and an ‘apostle?’ Are there still apostles today?”
11/9/18 – “Is the devil everywhere like God?”
11/16/18 – “What is the difference between soul and spirit?”
11/23/18 – “Where did Cain get his wife?”
11/30/18 – “Why doesn’t God just make us all perfect?”

12/7/18 – “If Christians have already died and are in heaven with our Saviour, why would our bodies rise from the grave?”
12/14/18 –
12/21/18 –
12/28/18 –

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