Monday, 4/19/21 – Pressing on… The College and The Cattle Owner

The College and The Cattle Owner

Our visit from New Brunswick Bible College (NBBI) this past Sunday prompted me to recall my own years in Bible College many years ago. In fact, it would have been at just about this time, in April, 45 years ago that I graduated. I had completed a three-year theology program (1973-76) at a bible college in Saskatoon – an accomplishment made possible only by the Lord’s good hand from start to finish!

I had been diagnosed with epilepsy at the onset of my teen years. Prolonged concentration of any kind would result in my having a seizure, subtle at first, then in later years more violent. Much of my early education had to be accomplished in short episodes with a home tutor or later by correspondence.

Thankfully the Lord delivered me from all this and soon after led me to Bible College. I recall filling out the college application. One of the questions was “How do you intend paying for your first year of Bible College?” I had no idea, but wrote: “My Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills.” (See Psalm 50:10).

Through events too lengthy to explained here He enabled me to gather enough cash for my first semester, and also provided my transportation! But I had never studied at this level before. I wondered, would the seizures reappear? But trusting God had led me thus far, I pressed on.

I absolutely LOVED my studies! I couldn’t believe it! I was engrossed, eager, hungered for more and determined that indeed it was “God at work in me” (Phil. 2:13) making all this possible. I determined I would give Him 100% in return and viewed my time in Bible College as a sort of Divine “parenthesis” – a special period in my life set apart to God.

By the end of my first semester I was awarded a scholarship applicable to my next semester! By the end of my first year I was awarded for being the most diligent student according to ability and received funds applicable to my second year… and on and on it went… week by week, semester by semester, my Father cashed in cattle, opened doors, and prodded me on. Whether is was a needed box of tissue or a tower of textbooks, at just the right moment the funds would be provided. Sometimes a two-dollar bill (they existed then) tucked in an envelope, sometimes an anonymous donation credited to my account, God proved faithful.

Finally, graduation came. I was thrilled, but had no idea what was next. I only knew my Lord had a purpose. I was in His Will, and He does all things well.

More tomorrow…

To hear this past Sunday’s message, go to the Facebook page of Lincoln Baptist Church, or link to the livestream from the church website.

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