Thursday, 10/21/21 – Today’s Discipleship Blog… Don’t be a Dinosaur!

Don’t be a Dinosaur!

A cartoon I once saw depicted two dinosaurs looking up from their munching and seeing in the distance an ark as pairs of all sorts of wild animals filed into it. One long-necked Brontosaurus says to his companion, “Crap! Was that today?”

The joke of course is that this ancient species very literally had “missed the boat” at the time of the great flood which destroyed the then known world: hence, the dinosaurs’ extinction.

As a cartoon the implication prompts a chuckle, but as a reality extinction is quite a bummer! To miss one’s only avenue of escape as annihilation rolls in must above all things be the most terrifying! But annihilation at least brings oblivion. Far worse would be if that moment of terror were to continue forever. Yet, for the unprepared, this is unfortunately and precisely the fate against which the gospel of God warns.

Sleeping housemasters will be plundered (Matt. 24:43). Wicked servants will be exposed (Matt. 24:50). Unprepared virgins find the door shut. (Matt. 25:10). Worthless servants will be thrown outside (Matt. 25:30). Goats and sheep will be separated (Matt. 25:32).

These are all parallels, images Christ used — like the cartoon above. But they all speak to a terror-filled truth: Jesus is coming again and when He does it will be too late! There will be no last few seconds in which to repent. Scripture says it will flash like lightning (Matt. 24:27; Luke 17:24), as quick as a twinkle (1 Cor. 15:52). One-third second they say. No time at all to change one’s heart.

You must make that surrender now. You must realize your doom and that the only solution is in a Power and a Grace beyond your reach! You can sense it in your gut now. You know this world is coming to a close, and even if you do not, you know by the screaming testimony of all lives before you that you too are mortal. Your day will come.

Look up from what occupies you. See the Saviour. There is yet time.

Press on…

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