Monday, 1/4/21 – Pressing on… Moving on…

Moving on…

There was no work in Saskatchewan, but a position awaited me in New Brunswick if I cared to make the move. We had already decided a move to someplace would likely be necessary. The job dynamics of our chosen professions had changed subtly at first then dramatically. It was clear now that we could no longer stay where we were!

To make the move would be a process. We’d need to sell the home, dispose of the furniture, pass along keepsakes and do the paperwork – and the job began in just ten days. We decided I would drive the five-day trip from Saskatoon, SK to Woodstock, NB with the car filled to the gills with electronic equipment, lamps, ornaments and other breakables. I would find a place to live and begin the job while my wife Val would see to selling the house and disposing of items. Everything else would be sent by Canada Post!

In all I received some 50 plus packages over the ensuing weeks. For the first four weeks I stayed on the cheap in a one room motel room and left the valuables locked in our car. (The car was much more secure than the motel room). I lived on canned tuna and day old “cheaper by the dozen” muffins. I worked, got to know the community, the Church, and made a few friends. When the boxes overtook the motel room I moved to a basement apartment big enough for the family. Finally, by the sixth week, they arrived by train. It was a pea-soup dew-filled foggy maritime morning as I pulled out before dawn to meet them. I feared I would never find the small rural station or would need to backtrack hours if I chose the route wrongly. (There were no personal GPS back then!)

Mind you we quite love New Brunswick and have lived here the longest of any province. But we would never have made this move, or probably any of our previous moves, had it not been made abundantly clear to us that we simply could no longer stay where we were.

But an even bigger move is yet to come for us… for you…. And for all who call upon Christ as Saviour and as Lord. It will be a glorious move, and we will not need to pack anything! There will be no home to sell, no van to book, no paperwork.

And It will be soon. For Christ is making it very clear to us that we simply cannot much longer stay here. We’d better get used to the idea. A very BIG moving day is soon to arrive.

More tomorrow…

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