Thursday, 9/23/21 – “Always Pray” and “Not Give Up!”

Always Pray” and “Not Give Up!”

I awoke one morning in recent days with many concerns upon my mind and heart. I had been filling my mind with scripture, speaking His promises to my heart, and praying much for the Lord’s intervention, but as yet the concerns lingered.

Opening my tablet later that morning I was met with an image from a local Christian bookstore: “There is POWER in PRAYER” it shouted out at me! “When you pray, God listens,” it began. Odd how so often it is the most fundamental of truths are the first to be forgotten!

Another day, feeling very much alone under many weighty responsibilities, I decided to go for a walk to think and to pray. Ahead on the paved trail I noticed some chalk marking on the pathway. Once close enough to read it I was awed by its relevance. “You’re NOT ALONE ❤” someone had sketched on the surface. I chuckled, looked up, and whispered “thank you.”

Again, on yet another day, came the third of our good, good Father’s loving reminders. Rainclouds had finally cleared and I decided to take my arthritic frame and beclouded brain out to walk again. This time I chose a graveled, less traveled path.

Before I had taken many steps I spotted a stone. It was gray, hard and firm, and upon it, through it, and on both sides of it was embedded a white and well-formed cross. Christ, the Rock, was upon His Throne.

Yes! “What a Mighty God we Serve.” We sing it, and we must believe it! There is POWER in PRAYER, We are NOT ALONE, and Christ our Rock is upon His Throne!

Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. (Luke 18:1).

Press on…

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