Thursday, 8/19/21 – Soon Return of Christ: the Christian’s Calming Trust

Soon Return of Christ: the Christian’s Calming Trust

This past Sunday Pastor Andrew began a series preaching through the book of Galatians. He reminded us that the purpose of the cross was not merely to provide believers with a ticket to heaven, but “that He [Christ] might deliver us from this present evil world…” (Gal. 1:4).

This world is an evil world “both under the surface and on the surface,” he said. Creation has been distorted, twisted, corrupted. The gospel too has been challenged by deceitful, perverted “other gospels” – gospels which are really not gospels at all… teachings that contain bold lies, or bits of lies, or lies made by twisting truth.

Jesus died to pull us out of this world… to bring us to a new and eternal kingdom… a kingdom of Truth and Light. And one day very soon Jesus will come again to gather His own to be with Him there.

This kingdom and this return of our Saviour is also the focus of local recording artist Becka deHaan’s 3rd album, “Calming Trust and Coming King,” released this past March and featured this past week in Fredericton’s Daily Gleaner. Regarding the serendipitous placement of the article in the publication Becka comments: “I have found it particularly uplifting that my article appears as the only good news on a page otherwise filled with bad news… a spiritual album-release on being calmed… by trust in the assurance of Christ’s soon return.”

As the last verse of one of the songs on the album summarizes…

I’ve been reading the local paper; / I’ve been watching the nightly news;
Yeh, this old world’s just ripping at the seams. / And with a past dark and brooding,
And a future looking black, / It’s got me thinking, “Lord, Lord, when are You coming back?”*

The Christian, knowing of the Lord’s “one day, sooner or later” return, laments the lostness of this world yet sees it as prophetic fulfillment, evidence and assurance that His return will indeed happen someday.

Each year it appears more and more likely that His return is very near indeed. This has increasingly been the case for generations. Believers see this as the ever intensifying, ever more frequent “labor pains” spoken of by Christ in the gospels (Matt. 24:8), Scoffers see this as idle hope never to be fulfilled – an attitude to which scriptures also testify (2 Pet. 3:3-4).

This is an evil world. But into it our King is Coming. He is coming victorious to bring us to our new home, His kingdom — a calming trust to all who hope in Him.

Press on…

*“When are You Coming Back,” Wayne Kirkpatrick, originally recorded by Susan Ashton, found on “Angels of Mercy,” 1992

For more information about Becka and her ministry link to her Website: or Facebook page:

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