Friday, 5/7/21 – Friday Tough Question: Answers and Winners!

Answers and Winners!

As promised, here are the answers to last Friday’s Blog 700 puzzle:

Blog # 634 – What challenge is discussed in this blog? = EVANGELISM

Blog # 547 – How many things is this blog about? = ONE

Blog # 491 – What sort of squad is mentioned here?  = BALM

Blog # 498 – in addition to Day, what else is discussed here? = NIGHT

Blog # 147 – This blog is about the WHAT? of Christ? = RETURN

Blog # 368 – What kind of folk are unashamed? = KINFOLK

First letter of each answer: E – O – B – N – R – K

Unscrambled six letter word answer: B – R – O – K – E – N

And the winner is…

I know I said I would randomly select one winner from all the correct responses, but with only two correct answers received it seemed best to me to acknowledge both — And these folk figured out the correct answer before I noticed and corrected a wrong Blog # link in the clues! 😁


Brenda Baird and Barbara Nichols

Yaaay! – and thanks for celebrating blog 700 with me!

I want to thank also the many readers and followers and sharers of this blog. It’s always great to hear from you or get feedback of any kind. God bless you.

“…in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” (1 Pet. 3:15).

“…he who wins souls is wise.” (Prov. 11:30).

And remember this:

Jumbled pieces from one’s past when given to God to rearrange, become something new, with no piece wasted.

Press on…

Got a question? Use the Contact page and send It to me. We’ll search the Word for God’s answer.

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