Friday, 4/30/21 – Friday Tough Question: Blog 700!

Blog 700!

Today we are just going to have some fun!

Today I am turning the tables. Instead of answering a question from you, I have some questions for you!

Celebrate with me this 700th Blog here at thebrokenrunner!

Here’s the plan…

  1. Open the MENU and click on LINKS. (Depending on your device the MENU may be open already or found via a link to it at the top of the page)
  2. Under the list of All Blogs scroll to the Blog number given in the questions below.
  3. Jump to the blog post, find the one word answer to the given question and jot it down.
  4. Write down the first letter of each answer word.
  5. Arrange the letters to form an appropriate six-letter word.
  6. Go back to the MENU and use the Contact link to send me your six-letter word answer.
  7. From the correct answers received I will randomly pick a winner!

Here are the questions…

Blog # 634 – What challenge is discussed in this blog?

Blog # 547 – How many things is this blog about?

Blog # 491 – What sort of squad is mentioned here?

Blog # 498 – in addition to Day, what else is discussed here?

Blog # 147 – This blog is about the WHAT? of Christ?

Blog # 368 – What kind of folk are unashamed?

The correct answer, and winner’s name* will be announced in NEXT Friday’s blog. 😁

Have fun, and…

Press on…

 *Please indicate with your reply if you would prefer NOT to have your name mentioned if selected. 👍🏼

Got a question? Use the Contact page and send It to me. We’ll search the Word for God’s answer.

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