Thursday, 2/4/21 – God’s Will

God’s Will

We began this week considering how human self-will will resent the fact of God being in control. Pride is the real culprit. Pride is sin because it is based on self-will over God’s will. We want the glory that rightfully belongs to our Creator, and Manager of all His creation. Self-will initiates self-made actions and brings us the praise or envy of others. “I did it myself,” we boast! “I did it my way,” sang Sinatra… an anthem for “the self-made man” (or woman).

But God says, No. You must bow to Me. I am God and none other.

Consider the primary commands of the Decalogue: No other gods before me, No objects of worship may be made, No disrespect or misuse of My Name, Keep My Sabbath Day holy! (see Exod. 20). If any man made such demands we would most certainly call him egotistical. But God commands it rightly. He knows we were made to worship and if we worship anything other than Him that idol will destroy us!

Last Friday I watched a documentary about wind… how it helps Peregrines to soar, dandelions to proliferate, Monarchs to migrate, and possums to sniff out their dinner. Yet when wind is unbridled it has power to carry away automobiles, flood islands, or destroy cities! How would you like just to manage the wind? — Not I. But God keeps all things under control. He is the One deserving our thanks.

Job had great questions for the Almighty. But when that Almighty questioned him he soon became silent. “I am unworthy—how can I reply to you?” he blurted. “I put my hand over my mouth. I spoke once, but I have no answer—twice, but I will say no more.” (40:4-5)

But the Almighty was relentless, “Brace yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer me.” He demands (v.7). On and on He goes… creation… the sea… the sun… the stars… Lions, mountain goats, donkeys and ostriches, horses and hawks…. Can you keep the balance of nature in check? Whom but He Who knows the count of the ever changing hairs upon your head is wisest to guide your life, respond to your prayers, receive and be worthy of your worship? Read Job 38-41 for yourself and see if you too are not silenced.

No, being in control is no job for me! Like the 60s sit-com I must acknowledge, “Father Knows Best.” Most eagerly I bow to Him. Only He has my best plans in mind, and at heart.

Press on…

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One thought on “Thursday, 2/4/21 – God’s Will

  1. Your blog comes directly to my email inbox. Today’s was good. Thanks for sharing. This past Tuesday night during our Life Group which I lead we were talking about God’s will for our lives so I appreciated reading your blog this morning.

    Have a great weekend and God bless.




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