Thursday, 12/24/20 – Discipleship – Freedom!


When you’ve accepted God’s judgment that you are a sinner, justly deserving God’s wrath and punishment, you can have no cause for pride,. When you have trusted that the holy Christ’s sacrificial dying in your place has been sufficient to satisfy the wrath and justice of God, you have no fear of eternity and experience peace with God. When your treasures are in heaven and not on earth the things of earth no longer hold you.

Integrity before God means more to you than being the object of envy of others. The success of others do not threaten you. When your view and values are heavenward this world no longer entices you. You are free of it, and free of your own self-righteousness. When you know that it is before God that you stand or fall you are no longer bothered by what others may think of you, you no longer feel driven to defend yourself. When you surrender to Christ and take Him as Saviour and Lord you are free! Yes… free indeed!

This is why Jesus came into this world… to set men and women free. This is why we celebrate his birth… from the Old English ‘Crīstes mæsse’ (Christ Mass), the Church’s commemoration of God’s gift of grace and redemption… of freedom from sin, freedom from pride, freedom from inner turmoil, freedom from fear, freedom from temporal enticement, freedom from the taunts and opinions of others, freedom from guilt and self righteousness.

In Christ the believer is free to freely give!

Freely you have received; freely give.” (Matt. 10:8).

Press on…

Are you interested in being discipled one-on-one in the fundamentals of life in Christ? Or, would you like to begin this journey by turning from your current path and committing your path to Christ? — Use the Contact page and we’ll get you started.

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