Wednesday, 11/11/20 – Pressing on… Imagine…


Imagine Jesus standing right there beside you… right now… in just this very minute as you read…. Suppose He is saying to you, perhaps whispering to you, that today you must do this… or this… or go to such and so a place. Suppose as you walk about your day you sense a silent urging to ask a specific co-worker how goes their day… what thoughts or concerns may be troubling them this moment.

Now, what I am saying is not necessarily that today you are to do this… or go there… or ask someone anything. No. That would be simply flesh following flesh… you following me… and I of course have no idea of God’s Will for you this day… this moment.

But what I am suggesting is that you foster an awareness of Christ with you today… this moment… indeed at all times. The truth is that indeed He is with you… beside you… within you, the believer, and to ignore or to foster this awareness does nothing at all as to the actual fact of the nearness of His Presence, but only to your sensitivity to it… to the likelihood of you actually paying attention to His direction for you at this time.

On this, Oswald Chambers comments,

“After sanctification, it is difficult to state what your purpose in life is, because God has moved you into His purpose through the Holy Spirit. He is using you now for His purposes throughout the world as He used His Son for the purpose of our salvation. If you seek great things for yourself, thinking, ‘God has called me for this and for that,’ you barricade God from using you. As long as you maintain your own personal interests and ambitions, you cannot be completely aligned or identified with God’s interests. This can only be accomplished by giving up all of your personal plans once and for all, and by allowing God to take you directly into His purpose for the world. Your understanding of your ways must also be surrendered, because they are now the ways of the Lord.” – Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest, Nov. 10 [today’s] reading, [emph. mine]

This is what it means to be a “co-labourer” with Christ. It is the most exciting and fulfilling way to live, and the most Christ glorifying! Daily, moment to moment self-surrender… keeping oneself soft clay on His wheel… watching as His hands form of you something glorious for God.

Such self-surrender is honoring to this Potter for this clay can make nothing of itself. The Potter alone is worthy of all praise of His handiwork. Let Him form and direct you this day.

Press on…

To hear Don Longworth’s Sunday message, go to the Facebook page of Lincoln Baptist Church, or link to the livestream from the church website.

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