Friday, 10/30/20 – “Knock, Knock” Days – A Hallowe’en Special…

“Knock, Knock” Days – A Hallowe’en Special…

Tomorrow is October 31. Around the globe many children will don costume as well as facemask and go about their neighbourhoods, sack in hand, knocking on doors or ringing doorbells. Sugar is the name of the game here and getting as much of it as possible will be the objective. Others with darker aims will celebrate this day with darker pursuits but I will not speak of them.

Elsewhere some may reflect on the date as that upon which Martin Luther knocked nail through parchment onto the door of the Wittenberg chapel sparking in time the era of the Reformation.

But did you know? — October 31 is also National “Knock Knock” Joke Day! ‘Tis true! Look it up! Or, try Twitter at #KnockKnockJokeDay. Or, forget that and just check out this starter list of 85 favorites .

Here’s a few of my favorites:

Knock, knock
Who’s there?
A little old lady
A little old lady who?
Wow, I didn’t know you could yodel!

Knock, knock
Who’s there?
Hatch who?
God bless you!

Knock, knock
Who’s there?
Candice who?
Candice joke get any worse?!

The Bible also tells of people knocking…

Peter, miraculously released from prison, stood knocking on Mary’s house church door. Inside believers had gathered, praying for just that exact thing: Peter’s release. But Peter had to persist some time in knocking because those inside were so stunned they hesitated to let him in! (Acts 12:12-16)

Song of Solomon can be read as a lovely allegory of the love between Christ and His Bride, the Church. In in we read “I sleep, but my heart is awake; It is the voice of my beloved! He knocks, saying, “Open for me, my sister, my love, My dove, my perfect one…” (Song of Sol. 5:2).

Four times in the gospels believers are urged to “knock” – i.e. to ask the Father – and new possibilities will open (Matt 7:7,8; Luke 11:10,11). Luke also speaks of believers awaiting the Lord’s “knocking” upon His return (Luke 12:36), and how we must sometimes persist in our prayers, “knocking” on the doors of heaven awaiting His answer (Luke 11:8).

I’ve not yet mentioned perhaps the most often cited “knocking” verse of all: Rev 3:20, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” Christ’s great invitation to His Church.

This Hallowe’en amid the knocking and the “knock, knocks,” give some moments to the Lord… in knocking persistently on the portals of heaven, or in answering His knocks on the door to your heart.

Press on…

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