Tuesday, 9/15/20 – Pressing on… Satisfied?

“Satisfaction Guaranteed!”

According to Duhaime’s Law Dictionary the phrase “Satisfaction Guaranteed” is “A term in a sales or services contract in which the seller defers to the buyer the sole and unilateral discretion as to whether or not the goods or services tendered are acceptable.” (www.duhaime.org › LegalDictionary).

Thus, if you deem a purchased product acceptable, raising no complaint or objection, you are expressing satisfaction that the transaction was fair and worthy of the price you paid for it. That price, the money you gave, represents in currency form the hours of labor you previously put in to earn it… labor which consumed that portion of your lifetime during which you worked.

I want you to understand this: if a product cost you $30.00, and if your wage is $10.00/hr, then the true “cost” of that purchased item was three hours of your lifetime. When you are “satisfied” with that exchange you are actually accepting that the purchased product is of sufficient value to you that you are willing to sacrifice this part of your life to obtain it.

When a seller advertises “Satisfaction Guaranteed” he has conferred to you the right to return the item and receive back again that portion of your life which you originally surrendered to him. This frees you to exchange those hours of labor for some other thing… perhaps some more valuable and satisfying thing… some potentially eternal thing that may help grow the kingdom of God. — Or, you could of course just buy candy. It is all a matter of what you determine to be of satisfactory value.

This past Sunday Elder Don asked us a searching question: Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with where you now are spiritually? Is your current state of soul worth the lifetime you are surrendering?

Be dissatisfied with “a holy dissatisfaction, he urged… one that says “I want more” and takes new faith steps away from the shore, even out of the boat, walking to Christ, to receive it.

When we surrender 100% of our lifetimes to Him we find satisfaction. He guarantees it!

More tomorrow…

To hear Elder Don’s Sunday message, go to the Facebook page of Lincoln Baptist Church, or link to the livestream from the church website.

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