Friday, 9/11/20 – Friday Question: Do I really have to get rid of it?

Do I really have to get rid of it?

Cute… ain’t he?

Foxy fella

This little fella was one of three my wife and I spotted along the roadside as we drove through New Brunswick’s Kouchibouguac National Park en-route to Kelly’s Beach this past week. All three of these little guys showed more curiosity than fear of us. Didn’t take long for them to become endeared to us… almost enough to wish we could bring one home.

A few weeks back Don Longworth spoke to us from Song of Solomon 2:15, “Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.” An important point of brother Don’s message was that these are “our vineyards,” it is the responsibility of each of us to remove the destructive elements. Just recently Pastor Andrew reminded us again of this duty: It is not up to man’s wife to remove his mistress! It is the duty of the unfaithful man. As beautiful and alluring as the paramour may be there can be no middle ground. She must go — all of her!

The temptation to excuse or whitewash some seeming innocuous sin can be great, but as an anonymous author has written,

“The devil doesn’t come to you with horns and a cape, he comes disguised as everything you’ve ever wanted.”

We say, “It’s just such a little sip… a little slip… a little sin… a white lie.. a harmless thing.” But It requires just one fox in the vineyard, just one fly in the ointment, just a little leaven in the batter… Even one degree off trajectory will sidestep a destination — and all the more the longer it goes uncorrected!

Brother Mike Kennedy also shared with us last Sunday. He reminded us it takes only a little faith to see a miracle… just a mustard seed to make the tree… uproot the mulberry… move the mountain! Jesus said so (Luke 17:6; Matt. 17:20).

“Little foxes” can be eradicated by persistent application of even just a little faith. It is your job to see past sin’s cuteness, to acknowledge it as serious destructive, and to apply faith and actions to remove it.

Press on…

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