Wednesday, 6/3/20 – Pressing on…

Let God have your ears

julius caesar marble statue

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
Act III, Scene 2, The Forum.

Antony. “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears…”

The Gospel of Jesus Christ
Mark IV, Verse 23, The Challenge.

Jesus. “If anyone has ears to hear let him hear…”

According to Merriam Websterlet” as a transitive verb has many meanings. Each can instruct us further what it may mean to “let” your ears hear, to “let” the Word of Christ dwell in you.

Let’s see…

● To “let” can mean “to cause to” as in “let me know”
● It can mean “to give opportunity to” or “to not prevent” e.g. “live and let live.”
● When used in the imperative “let” is used to introduce a request or proposal, such as in “let us pray.”
● The word may also mean “to free” as from confinement or restraint e.g. “let out a scream” or “let blood.”
● “Let” can also mean “to permit to enter, pass, or leave” as in “let them through” or “let them off with a warning.”
● The British use the word to mean “to offer for rent or lease” as in “to let a room.”
● Seamstresses will use it meaning “to make an adjustment to” such as “let out the waist.”
● The Beatles are among those to use the word to mean “to leave undisturbed” as in the song “Let it be.”

man throwing baseball

We use it to mean “to hurl an object” or “to give unrestrained expression” (let fly), “to relax or release one’s hold” (let go), “to abandon self-restraint” (let fly), “to dismiss from employment” (let go), “to neglect” (let oneself go), “to reveal one’s true feelings” (let it all out, let one’s hair down), and “to give away a secret” (let the cat out of the bag).

What does all this instruct us about letting ourselves hear from God?

praying man looking up

It can mean the listening is up to us. Each of us is the one “to cause to” hear God by pausing long enough to listen. We each decide “to give ourselves the opportunity” to hear God, “to not prevent” our attention being focussed upon Him as the devil and our flesh constantly try to distract us from doing. As we interact with the Lord, sitting at His feet we make this determination the imperative of our will, we decide “to free” our souls from the confinement of unconfessed sin, pride, or disobedience. We “permit

woman in red dress

the Holy Spirit “to enter” the deeper recesses of our spirit and soul, to divide and discern thoughts and intents as only He can. We give Him full residence there, we give him “room” in our hearts and upon the throne of our lives. We “let Him make adjustments” to form us daily to become more like Christ.

“If anyone has ears to hear let him hear.”

Press on…

To view Elder Don Longworth’s Sunday message, go to the Facebook page of Lincoln Baptist Church, or link to the page from the church website.

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