Thursday, 5/28/20 – Discipleship –

God’s Will (& COVID-19)

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On “Ideas” (CBC Radio) this morning Euclidian geometry is being questioned. The example is given how the ”rules” of a triangle may not be “rules” at all but merely one truth among many. The rules of Euclid’s triangle were based upon a triangle drawn on a flat surface, but, the idea continues, suppose you draw a triangle on a round surface, like a balloon, well then the rules of Euclid’s triangle do not apply; now there is a new “rule” of the triangle, an alternate truth!

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The devil, having fooled society into believing in multiple moral truths, now appears to be moving on to dupe us out of mathematical truth as well. But the facts of a triangle drawn on a flat surface are not disproven by the discovery of other facts of a triangle drawn on a round surface. Nor are the facts of a triangle set aside by someone’s belief in incorrect facts about a triangle drawn on a flat surface – just as the facts about a triangle drawn on a round surface do not change by believing incorrect facts about them.

3+4=7 and 3×4=12. These are both true. Neither annuls the other. But 3+4=6 or 3×4=13 are both false… no matter how many people may believe them to be true. Indeed, the whole world may be duped to think 3×4=13 but in the end the three piles of four items will always total twelve!

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What is God’s Will? One thing for certain, it is God’s Will, not mine, not yours, not the collective opinion of any majority. It is God’s Will, and it remains the standard of all Truth.

If Covid-19 has taught this lost planet anything it has demonstrated that God is Sovereign, and that we had better return to taking Him into account if we wish to end up on the truth side of the equation—for it is a very serious equation indeed that we each must work through in our lifetime.

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FACT: God is Holy, He is Spirit, Eternal.
FACT: I am NOT Holy, My body is Temporal.
FACT: Unholy cannot dwell with Holy.
FACT: My body will die. My soul will not die.
FACT: Your body will die. Your soul will not die.

God has presented to us the only equation for salvation, unchanging since the foundation of the world:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16).

I’m sorry if you think it sounds old, dusty, or boring. It is the truth essential for this lost humankind. It is earth and fire and water, sunshine and gravity. Remove any and you are gone!

Oh Earth, learn the lesson of Covid-19. It is time to come home to God.

Press on…

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