Friday, 5/8/20 – Friday Tough Question

Are these days of purpose?

white space ship and brown planet
Photo by SpaceX

They say a trip to Mars would require about seven months of space travel. On arrival the crew in full ‘Mars-suits’ would leave their travel quarters and descend to the planet’s surface in a specially designed landing capsule. Other capsules would arrive bringing many items needed by the pioneer colony: life support generators, food, solar panels, parts, etc.. Inflatable habitats and two surface ‘Rovers’ would also be sent.

By now most of us have found several weeks of living in a restricted space quite difficult. Imagine making it a lifestyle! Most of us I’m sure have realized we don’t have “the right stuff” for an expedition to become one of the first settlers on Mars. For the most part we would all make lousy Martians.

sky earth galaxy universe

So, if these days are not intended as training for Mars, for what are these days intended? Surely they are days of purpose, for they have come upon the whole planet, planet Earth. The pretty blue one that stands out in this solar system by its color and inhabitants — inhabitants made after the Image of God, the Maker of the entire universe! Yes, surely these days of isolation and lull are intended for something.

sun peaking over clouds

Allow me to propose these days are indeed intended as a training for us to inhabit a new world, a preparation time for a journey far more spectacular that a seven month trip to Mars. In fact, we have been traveling towards a new world all our lives. None of us will be staying here unendingly. Each will arrive at that world for which he or she has used that lifetime to prepare.

It is my prayer that as many as will shall use these days wisely, “redeeming the time” as urged the apostle (Eph. 5:16). “Making the most of every opportunity,” making the most of isolation and lull. Those who prepare well by repentance, and faith, and submission, and obedience will arrive at the best world… Citizens of “a better country, a heavenly one” (Heb. 11:16). They will be not Martians, but Christians.

Prepare well….

Press on…

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