Friday, 5/1/20 – Friday Question: Is the 40 Days Theory True?

The Pandemic and the 40 Days Theory, is it True?

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There is a theory circulating the internet that suggests the duration of the Coronavirus lockdown is a rather Biblical 40 days. The item opens with the statement: “The official lockdown started March 23 and will likely end May 1st. That is EXACTLY 40 days.”

From this premise the theory goes on to draw attention to the many instances in scripture where the number 40 appears to indicate divine actions: the duration of the flood, the years of the wilderness wanderings, the days Moses spent on Mt. Sinai, the number of days Jesus fasted in the desert, and other examples. The item goes on to state “…whenever the number 40 appears in the Bible, there is a ‘change’.”

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I most certainly do believe God is shaking this planet and calling us to Him, and scripture certainly speaks of worsening pestilence as the “labor pains” of the approaching Armageddon quicken. (Matt. 24:7; Luke 21:11). But it disturbs me when I see truth supported by a poor argument. We know the events of the last days by their clear reference in the scriptures – not because of some tantalizing hunch about numbers.

_111717764_americas_countries_lockdown_cv_640-ncThis theory is based on a false premise! March 23 is NOT representative of any “official lockdown” date. It may have been in some locale, but certainly not globally. Each country tells a different story and has a different lockdown date if indeed it has one at all; some areas did not initiate a lockdown. Click on the link below for charts showing country by country. (I’ve included one as an example.)

According to the theory, today, May 1, is presumed to be the end date of this 40 day lockdown period. This is also false. There will be no uniform “end date.” Rather, each area will make its own determination when to begin a gradual, phased in, easing of restrictions.

Yet regardless of what a 40-day period has or does not have to do with the Covid-19 pandemic it is certainly clear that the aftermath will bring changes.

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The theory goes on to draw out further connections to the number 40 — such as the year 2020 (20+20) totalling 40 – but to me these only further cheapen the truth that God is shaking this earth. We must not let the weakness of this theory’s foundation cause us to doubt the truth of its conclusion. Christ is coming again, and He is giving His creation every opportunity to give up their selfish pursuits and turn to Him, acknowledging He is Lord and Master of all, our only Saviour from inevitable wrath to come. Turn to Him today.

Press on…

Link to BBC charts showing dates and severity of internal restricted activity by country:

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