Tuesday, 1/14/20 – Pressing on…

“Where did it fall?”

It’s Tuesday and something just isn’t right. What is it? Something seems missing… distant…

There’s an easily overlooked little incident in the Bible that I quite like. Perhaps it’s because many years ago I heard a camp speaker tell the story in a way that gripped my soul. It wasn’t really a conviction at the time that latched on to me, rather a warning.

beige concrete buildings on high ground

The incident occurred during Elisha’s ministry. Elisha, as you may recall, was invited by the prophet Elijah to join him as he travelled about the land of Israel (1 Kings 19-21). Elijah likely sensed the need for an apprentice of sorts for he was soon to be taken away. We read of this happening in 2 Kings 2. Elisha was there when God swept away Elijah in a mighty “chariot of fire and horses of fire” (v.11) leaving Elisha with, as he had requested, a “double portion” of the spirit of Elijah.

Well, Elisha goes about doing miracles and counseling kings for about the next sixty years. His ministry and the miracles wrought by God through him had far out-stripped those of Elijah by the time of the incident I want to share with you.

wood red dry wall

A sort of school for aspiring prophets had emerged with Elisha at the head and had become so popular that the facilities needed expansion. So the students all pooled together and began to build. As one industrious young student was felling a tree his axhead flew off and into the Jordan river! “Oh, my Lord,” He cried out to Elisha, “it was borrowed!” (2 Kings 6:5).

Where did it fall?” Elisha asked (v.6). The student knew exactly, pointed it out, and the man of God caused the iron head to float! “Lift it out,” He told the student and all was well once again.

Where did it fall?” was the searing question. When something goes missing in our soul we need to return to the spot where it was lost. It does no good at all not admitting to what went flying, the exact spot must be identified. You know where it is.

This day, the missing bit may be that time alone with God, or in congregation with His people, the worship, the challenge, the uplifting. The “missing but” is most probably Jesus!

An ice storm can be a monkey wrench to plans and Christian fellowship, but not to personal prayer and worship… and God can make tools and turns behave in ways miraculous. “Where did it fall?” Put down your device and talk with Him about it now.

More tomorrow…

Note: Read the whole story in 2 Kings 6:1-7.

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