Thursday, 11/28/19 – Discipleship – Soon Return of Christ

The Greatest Return of All

There’s a website out there that lists the top 100 films featuring “The Return of…” in their titles. I won’t list them all but see how many of these sound at least somewhat familiar:

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In the Star Wars saga we have of course The Return of the Jedi, and the third installment of The Lord of the Rings trilogy has The Return of the King. Darkman has The Return of Durant, and more than a few times we’ve had The Return of the Living Dead. There’s been The Return of Godzilla, The Return of The Wolfman, The Return of the Fly, The Ape Man, Count Dracula, and Dr. X to name a few. Mr. Moto came back, as did The Vampire, The Swamp Thing, some Killer Shrews and The Dragon. Man’s best friend Rin Tin Tin came back. The Gunfighter made a return, as did the Musketeers. The One-Armed Swordsman and Mr. Hook both came back, and No, they are not the one and same person. The Joker came back and (thankfully) Batman too returned. The Pink Panther and Johnny English both have their “The Return of...” movie, and we mustn’t forget the Return of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space and the likewise alien Killer Tomatoes.

Animal, vegetable or mineral (Remember The Return of the Blob?) they all came back and with them the ‘ka-ching,’ or ‘tap’ of money machines worldwide. (Oh yeah, ‘The Machines,’ they also made a ‘Return.’)

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One thing all these movies all have in common of course is that they are all movies! They are all just made-up tales — pretty spectacular-looking tales perhaps with all their mega budgets, CGI graphics, wide screens, 3-D and other special effects, but tales nonetheless. None of these stories truly happened.

But there is one story that truly is happening and will happen. In the end it is the only story that really matters. This story is His Story….or ‘history’ if you prefer. The story of humanity IS the story of history… the story of His Story. He made us, we strayed, He came to save us, and one day soon He will return.

In His Word He asks, “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8).

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It is your business in this life to answer that question. When the Son of Man comes for you, will He find faith in you? When you die and go to Him, will He judge you pardoned by the Sacrifice of His Son? He will if you commit to turn from sin, make Him your Lord and follow His will. Place your faith in Him today. It’s the only story… the only Return… that ultimately matters.

Press on…

20190522_065320Are you interested in being discipled one-on-one in the fundamentals of new life in Christ? Or, perhaps you would you like to know how to begin this journey and take the very first of the First Steps by turning from your current path and committing your path to Christ? — Use the Contact page and we’ll get you started.

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