Friday, 11/22/19 – Friday Tough Question

Yah, but what am I supposed to DO?

I know I know. Though yesterday’s blog is completely true for each Christian it does indeed deal only with the general Will of God — God’s Will for every believer.

high angle photo of roads
Which way do I go?

Perhaps you are facing some specific crossroad, trying to determine the Will of God for your life right now about some particular decision. Here are a few guidelines I’ve always found helpful and which have sound scriptural support.

First, listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit within you. Scripture tells us (John 16:12-15). the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth the Holy Spirit will remind us of things guide us. Listen to the Holy Spirit within you.

Next consider the Word of God. Is this thing you are considering in agreement with the full counsel of God’s Word? The Holy Spirit will never lead you outside of the Word of God. The Holy Spirit will apply the Word of God to your specific situation and guide you.

group of veterans
Mature believers…

Next, what are other mature believers saying to you? Do they feel that the thoughts and directions you are having are from the Lord? Does your church leadership support you? This is vitally important if you believe God is calling you to some missionary service. You need the support and commissioning of your local church as you begin to take steps along this significant path.

woman stands on mountain over field under cloudy sky at sunrise
Open door…   Peace of God…

Is there an Open Door of opportunity? Watch this one because sometimes you may get the first three all in agreement and yet there is no door of opportunity. But this may only mean that though you are on the right track, God’s time has not yet arrived. God will lead you in “the fullness of time” into the Will He has for you. When the time is right the doors will miraculously open.

Do you have the witness of God’s Peace in your heart after coming thus far? God’s Peace about a matter is a wonderful affirmation that you were walking in His Will.

Finally there is the Provision of God. Whom God calls He also enables. God always provides what is needed, when it is needed, but seldom before it is needed! When the time is right God will provide.

1. Still, small Voice of the Holy Spirit within you
2. Word of God
3. Affirmation of others
4. Open door of opportunity
5. Peace within
6. Provision of God

Study the following passages. See how many of the above guidance points you can identify in these testimonies.

Acts 15 – Council at Jerusalem
Acts 16:6-10 – Call to Macedonia, not Asia
1 Cor. 16:5-9 – Great door open to me
Mark 16:20 20 – signs following

Press on…

Got a question? Use the Contact page and send It to me. We’ll search the Word for God’s answer.

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