Tuesday, 11/12/19 – Pressing on…

Choose Your ‘Adventure’

I was flipping through one of those free magazines you get these days in movie theatres. In the middle of this particular edition a series of sketches depicted various forms of movie-going experiences from which one may choose. “Moviegoing Adventures” the article called them.

20191111_192044Not even making the list were your standard big screen upon which flashing images at high-speed are projected creating the illusion of movement (hence, ‘movie.’), nor the innovative ‘Real 3D’ experience where colored lenses are used to delay light just enough that almost — but not quite — similar images seem to have depth.

20191111_191908Rather, this list moved quickly through ‘UltraAVX’ with ultra crisp clarity and surround sound, to giant curved screen ‘IMAX,’ and all-encompassing 270-degree, triple-screen ‘ScreenX.’ Beyond these were ‘D-BOX’—motion seats that mimic the movements on-screen, 4DX which also has full-motion but adds in-theatre wind, rain, mist, snow, leg tickles, fog, air jets, scents, lightning and bubbles all synced with the action on the screen! Hey, don’t ask me, I’m just passing this on. I have no idea how they do these!

20191111_191845Finally, there is ‘VIP.’ This one features wide leather seating with food and drink delivered straight to you! A custom cocktail before or after the flick is also included.

Of course with each of these the ticket costs climb. And I don’t need to tell you the bloated prices of the bloating food sold in theatres. Naw.. for the most part I can do without such ‘Moviegoing Adventures.”

photo of a pathway in a forest

Instead, I seek out what I like to call ‘Nature-going Adventures.’ These have 360-degree, omni-direction view, real ‘Real 3D’ plus real (in season) wind, rain, mist, snow and fog. Leg tickles, nose tickles, back of neck and other tickles are included as merited, plus spine-tingling tickles where the vistas are stunning. There are more scents than you can imagine, bubbles too if you don’t mind getting wet, and even lightning for those who live dangerously.

To top it all off these adventures are all Free! And if you quiet yourself as you go along you can commune in private with the Producer and Director of it all!

As great a deal as that all is, He tells us there is yet something bigger, something better, something “no eye has seen, no ear had heard,” coming soon to a saved soul near you! “Eternity-goers Adventure” is coming to you too if you have come to Christ. He’s making it all for you. He wants you there. He even has a role for you among the cast!

More tomorrow…

To hear our guest speaker Alan Baker’s Sunday message, go to the Lincoln Baptist Church website and look under ‘Sermons Online’ for the Nov. 10 message.

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