Wednesday, 10/30/19 – Pressing on…

Personal Care

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Today I am writing from a hospital emergency waiting room! Clearly things are not unfolding as I hoped. There are about twenty others here whose days did not unfold as they hoped either. I don’t want to be here, and they don’t want to be here. Every one of us had other plans for this day.

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I think of Jesus and the multitude of human need that clamored after Him. Individuals with individual needs. He took his time with each of them. Jesus performed no mass healings. Mass feedings, mass teachings, yes! But no mass healings.

Loaves and fishes, lessons and parables can serve many, but healings require individual attention for individual needs.

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I’m glad that’s also the case for hospitals. Hospitals are not distribution points for a generic “get well” kit. Doctors must listen to each one’s current complaint, gather past histories and consider well what is best for each individual.

It’s hours later now. I saw a doctor, one on one as one must. I have a diagnosis and a plan.

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It’s good to have this one on one care, from doctors, yes, but especially from Christ. He’s got all the time in eternity to spend with you, and best yet: there’s no waiting room.

Press on…

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