Monday, 10/21/19 – Pressing on…

Election Day!

Today is at last the big day here in Canada! Today is our Federal Election Day!

20191019_174337By the end of this day one fortunate candidate will indeed be Canada’s “chosen one.” They will have been “elected,” set apart from the others, to take the reins of this country. Despite what other political leaders might think no one can become a “chosen one” by his or her own declaration. To be ”chosen” requires the decision of entities (or an Entity) outside oneself.


I sometimes get an email or a text or even the occasional “snail mail” – you know, that low-tech stuff we used to just call “mail” – telling me I’m in line to win a million bucks, or 10 million, it doesn’t really matter. Thing is, I’ve been “specially selected.” I have been “chosen!” Sometimes I’ve even “won” in a contest which I did not enter. I’ve “won” several sweepstakes I never entered, plus any number of flights, cruises, luxury homes or automobiles simply because my cell number was “selected at random.”

Well, I may indeed be “in line” for such a prize, but the line-up is longer than the sum of those in all Disneylands and the prize is as fictional as the Mouse that started them. I may indeed “qualify,” but the requirements were merely to have a pulse.

All of this understandably creates a cynicism of sorts. Tell me I’ve been “specially chosen,” or “elected a winner,” and my knee-jerk reflex is to scoff.

The devil loves this dynamic. The devil loves to lure us to forget that we who place our trust in Christ are indeed the “elect” of God. Peter writes, “…you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” (1 Pet. 2:9).

crucifix on top of bible

We live in this world as sojourners… travellers… as Peter elsewhere puts it “strangers and foreigners.” We look forward to an eternal reign… not a monarchy, not a dictatorship, not a democracy, not an autocracy, not an anarchy. We look forward to a Theocracy, a Rule of God, a Kingdom of Peace where there is no war… where there are no tears.

In this world we are ambassadors, citizens of Heaven, “elected” to rule with Him yet here now in this place to sow His Love.

This Election Day let us remember as those returns flood in: While we may or may not in this world get the leader we desire, the rule of Heaven is sure. Jesus is Lord and we are His people, His servants, called to be kings and priests to our God! Don’t let the campaigns of our spiritual foe dissuade you from this Truth. The matter is settled in Heaven.

More tomorrow…

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