Monday, 9/23/19 – Pressing on…

Would you want to know?

Elder Don Longworth’s message this past Sunday morning reminded me of a childhood incident which I no longer actually recall but which was retold in our home so many times during my youth that I know it well.

man in santa claus costume

It seems that when I was very young, perhaps about 7 years of age, I came running in from school one day in a clear state of urgency and consternation. I bolted straight to my parents and demanded “Is there a Santa Claus? I don’t care if there is or there isn’t, I just want to know! Is Santa Claus real or not?

The quote is exact, for it never varied with the retellings. What mattered most to my young mind was not whether or not the jolly fat man actually existed, but whether or not I was arguing truth or a lie when debating the matter with my peers.

close up court courthouse hammer

It was in that very moment of confrontation that I learned the North-Pole-cold, hard facts. Afterward, I was at peace. I had learned the truth and could adjust my hopes and expectations accordingly.

Truth is valuable, but we must be willing to receive it. Frequently the TV personality and counselor Dr. Phil McGraw asks a troubled guest, “If you are wrong would you want to know it?” I’ve never yet heard a guest say “No. I would prefer to continue to believe a lie.” Only a fool would desire that. A prerequisite to encountering truth is that you be willing to allow it to transform you.

photo of woman looking upwards

The way is to uncover truth is to ask questions and to desire objective truth more than selective support for your assumptions – “I don’t care if there is or there isn’t, I just want to know!”

Come and see,” says Phillip. (John 2:46).
Taste and see,” sings the psalmist. (Ps. 34:8).
Ask…seek… knock… you will receive… find… and doors will open.” challenges Jesus (Matt. 7:7-8).

“Truth is not afraid of your questions,” said Elder Don.

“Are you afraid of Truth’s answers?

More tomorrow…

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