Thursday, 7/11/19 – Discipleship: Evangelism

white and green door filled with envelopesEvery six weeks or so I get a sheet of coupons in the mail from one of the big burger chains in town. One of these coupons is always a BOGO (Buy One, Get One) coupon. If I but one of their super large burgers at regular price they will give me a second such burger for free. When I buy this burger they give me a receipt and on the back of the receipt is an invitation to complete an online survey for which, if I complete it, they will send me a code to write on the receipt in exchange for which they will give me another free super large burger.

If you’re doing the math here you’ll see that I now have got three super large burgers while only having had to pay for one. A good deal!

ham burger with vegetables

But it gets ever more, um.. delicious! You see I often end up with two of these coupon sheets within the same six week period. Now, you can only redeem these once at the same franchise location, but this particular franchise has more than one nearby location. So…. Now I’m up to six super large burgers every six week period, and I’ve only had to pay for two! That’s like a burger a week at 1/3 price!

I can’t figure out how this chain makes any money! Everything I’m doing is perfectly legit, but the deal just continues to amaze me!

people sitting in front of wooden table

I tell nearly everyone I knows about it. They are amazed too and many want to get on board. What’s more, now the company has added an app…. also with coupons…. And yep, there it is again, my best buddy BOGO bargain! Just download the app, click, and you’re off!

Know any great news like this? If you know the love, mercy and grace of Christ in your heart, then you do. So tell your buddies about Him. No one can dispute your personal testimony (Your story of what He has done and means to you.)

And that, my brothers and sisters in Christ, is evangelism.

Press on…

BONUS: Here’s a brief 90 second video with Bruce Finn, Church Planting Coordinator, Metro Philadelphia Church Planting Partnership, on the topic “What is Evangelism and Why is it Important?”

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