Wednesday, 7/10/19 – Pressing on…

Analogies aside, how can I share the gospel?

Monday we picked up on the idea of our faithfulness in multiplying souls for God’s Kingdom. Tuesday we considered the zealous activity of the Prince of darkness to ravage the harvest of souls for his doomed kingdom.

shallow focus photography of sheep

We’ve talked about masters and minas, gardens and gatherers. Jesus spoke of becoming fishers of men, shepherds retrieving wayward sheep, and a father receiving his long-lost son. But all analogies aside, what does our fulfilling of the great commission look like in the day-to-day?

20190709_195302Certainly it includes such stereotypical things as the ice-breaker “Have you heard of the four spiritual laws?” and the distributing of tracts, etc. It includes telling someone in crisis how turning to Christ has been a support and comfort to you when in crisis, and throughout your life. It includes the bold challenge of drawing the worldly-minded to consider questions of eternity and life beyond this world, showing them clearly their need for Christ.

20190709_195212But sharing in the work of God can take many other forms as well. Were not those who prayed for Paul, brought him his cloak and parchments, sent to his necessities, and sent him on his journeys also partners in advancing the gospel? Paul even spoke of the financial assistance of the Philippians thanking them for their “partnership in the gospel.” (Phil. 1:5).

person in hospital gown using walking frame beside hospital bed

Perhaps you are a shut-in or in some way physically infirm, socially isolated or have limited language skills. None of these excuse you from the Lord’s mandate to spread the gospel to all the world. You can still be an evangel by supporting other workers in the harvest by prayer, or praying conviction upon specific individuals. You can also financially support a missionary, perhaps disciple a new believer; growing him or her to be a witness for Christ. You can sponsor a Compassion child or assist a youth to attend a Christian camp, placing them where they will be presented with the gospel of Christ.

two brown and red gift boxes on red surface

You can demonstrate the love of God by making care packages for shut-ins, students or homeless persons and include a note or a tract sharing Christ and the plan of salvation. Or, donate to a Christian Bible College or School that trains laborers in the gospel. Invite a Christian worker for dinner, send a note of encouragement or commitment to pray for the individual… Pray for the unsaved souls you know. Write letters to your friends and include your personal testimony.

man wearing blue dress

Finally, do as Jesus also commanded, Pray, and “Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” (Matt. 9:38, Luke 10:2). Whatever your lot, you too have an essential job to do in bringing lost souls to Christ for eternity.

Press on…

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