Tuesday, 7/9/19 – Pressing on…

Community Garden…

photo woman holding green garden hose
(Not my wife!)

My wife loves to garden. Two years ago we moved from our little log home in the local service district of Lincoln, NB to a much newer development in the north end of the city of Fredericton.

food agriculture old pouring

In Lincoln my wife had well over an acre of land in which to plant and grow. She planted flowers and trees, cucumbers and beans plus many other things beautiful or delicious. Now in the city we have land enough for foliage and flowers but not so much for the stuff that feeds us. She decided to join a nearby community garden.

woman picking cherry tomatoes

Sometimes folk who tend adjacent plots go away for a week or two on holidays. Some folk may even abandon their garden plot. These gardens, whether by permission or not, become fair game for others to harvest. Some community gardens even open their gates at set times to allow anyone who wishes to come and help themselves.

You can see the sense in this. If a harvest is ready and the landowner is not gathering it, then others will reap it rather than see crops rot in the field.

agriculture arable barley blur

However, there is also a tragic spiritual application here. Jesus said, “…open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” (John 4:35). Society today is possibly more open to spiritual realities that ever before. This is what is meant by ‘ripe for harvest.’ But who will be the harvesters?

Jesus sends us into this field to harvest it for Him. He entreats us also to pray for more harvesters.* The ripeness of the fields is good for the harvesters of God, but also good for the harvesters of Satan! Who will reap these ripe souls first? Will they be gathered to the granaries of Truth or the granaries of Deception? Will they be made bread, or burned?

More tomorrow…

*Matt. 9:38; Luke 10:32.

To hear Pastor Andrew’s complete message, go to the Lincoln Baptist Church website and look under ‘Media’ for the July 7 message.

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