Monday, 7/1/19 – Pressing on…

Some Holiday Housekeeping…

flag of canada

Happy “Canada Day” to all my fellow Canadian readers!

That may sound odd to you, but I am humbled by the fact that WordPress reports readers of this blog to date in Canada, United States, China, India, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, South Africa, New Zealand, Hungary, Finland, Singapore, Indonesia, Ireland, Nigeria, and El Salvador. Wow… and to think that I have never yet travelled beyond this continent!

Anyway… I thought I would take today’s holiday entry to review a few points on the format of these blogs.

20181002_142518Many of you link to my blog from my daily Facebook ‘teaser.’ That’s great, but you should know you need not wait for me to post the Facebook link. Blogs are written one day in advance and posted automatically every weekday on at 5:00 AM local Fredericton, NB time — currently Atlantic Daylight Time / ADT (GMT-3). Just go to and click on “Today’s Blog” or use the full url

This is also the url I have been using every time on the Facebook teaser link. You may have noticed that even if you click on teasers from weeks previous they will all bring you to “Today’s Blog” – i.e. the most recent blog entry. The only way so far to view past blogs has been to go to the latest one and scroll backwards. Rather tedious!

Beginning today, July 1, 2019, I will link the Facebook teasers to the full url for that particular blog entry. In this way you will be able to link to a past blog from the past Facebook teaser associated with it. I will also make it my ambition to include the teaser caption as a title within the blog itself. So far, this teaser title has only been used on the Facebook link.

I hope all this has not just confused you. None of it affects your preferred way of accessing these blogs, and you do not need to change any of your habits. This will just make it easier for readers who may miss a day and wish to locate that blog later, or for those who like to “catch up” on weekends. Each Facebook link will be unique.

I am also working on a clickable direct-link directory to all of the blog entries. This is a big project and will require some time yet to complete to date, but it is in the works. You can however access a direct-link directory to all the Friday “Tough Question” entries by looking in the Menu under “Other Stuff” at

beautiful celebrate celebration colorful

Well, the celebrations are about to begin, so off you go now and enjoy them, but do ‘click’ back here tomorrow when I will resume commenting on the past Sunday sermon.

Press on…

More tomorrow…


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