Wednesday, 5/29/19 – Pressing on…

person riding road bike on the roadRiding a bicycle is all about constantly counteracting forces. Push forward only with the right foot and the bike will topple to the right. Push forward only on the left and it will topple left. But… keep it going… right push, then left push, then right, and it doesn’t fall: constantly counteracting forces.

With each push you are ‘on the edge’ of tipping over, but your confidence is secure in the principles of centrifuge and constantly counteracting forces.

This past Sunday Don asked, “At what point are you ‘on the edge’ for God?” At what points in your life is your confidence in God made evident? What could “pushing forward” in faith look like in your world?

Ask yourself,

What if…

photo of men smiling

God acted through me among the people I know. Right there in the middle of my every-day day. What if I said to Ned. “Ned, can I pray with you right now, right here, out loud, even while there are others who might hear me, others who might laugh. Ned, can I ask God to step into our relationship and work in this thing that’s troubling you?” What if I really did that? What would be the effects?

What if…

photograph of person holding black leather wallet with money

I gave money and time that wasn’t extra money and time, but money and time I needed, but what if I gave it to help someone who needed it more…. even someone unlike me… someone undeserving… unlikable. What then?

What if…
20190528_134019I told Duke to forget about paying me the damages he owed for the snowblower of mine he broke last February? I had told him to first add oil, but he didn’t. I had said you’ll need to pay. But what if I told him to forget it. Let’s just be friends. What if I said that?

What if I acted like Jesus… or Peter… or one other of the disciples? Would miracles happen? Would people of my world be shaken?

What if I just really started to live like…. like…. Well, OK, I’ll say it – like it is all really true?

You know that’s the real question. You know that to ask it tastes bad on one’s lips. You know too that what we’ve been saying all week is very true: “Faith is not faith until faith is in motion.”

Well, what if you put your faith in motion? What then?

What if that’s what God intended all along?

Press on…

To hear Don Longworth’s full message, “Where is the God of Elijah,” go to the Lincoln Baptist Church website, and look under ‘Media’ for the May 26 message.

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