Tuesday, 4/23/19 – Pressing on…

Did you do it?

Did you bring the truth of His resurrection – your resurrection — into yesterday’s Monday? (See yesterday’s blog). Or maybe you can’t yet quite see what that looks like? Well, what do we find in Jesus’s example?

arts and crafts carpentry wood wood shavings

Jesus’ ministry lasted just three short years. The first thirty years of His incarnation He simply lived and worked among His people. For thirty years Jesus demonstrated a consistency of character, a blameless life, and a solid reputation. Don’t you know He was everyone’s favorite carpenter? Can’t you hear it: “Need a table built?… an ox yoke fixed? Take it to Joseph and Mary’s boy, Jesus. He does good work, and at a fair price, plus He’s such a pleasant a man with whom to do business.”

During this time Jesus developed godly disciplines, disciplines that would serve Him well when the going got toughest. Early morning prayer, a calm unsettledness and sureness of purpose, an unhurried pace and a purity of mind and heart.

Then, at age 30, the time came. He walked over to the Jordan River, to cousin John, and with that baptism, the testimony of John, the Holy Spirit, and the Father, Jesus’ lifework began. There was the immediate testing, the lonely battle as the devil tried to thwart Christ’s focus and mission, but the Word incarnate and written Word prevailed.

closeup photo of fire during night time

He first sought out twelve good men… men He knew would catch His fire, carry the gospel torch, set the world aflame. Then He did the actions… He demonstrated His answer to Pastor Steve’s second question this Easter Sunday past: “Do the actions of my faith reflect what the Resurrection of Christ means to me?

Christ knew Whom He was and the life His sacrifice was to bring… He knew the Kingdom He was building with souls of like faith in Him. He pointed their gaze to eternity — eternity which would be the habitation of every believing soul, because of the resurrection. Everything He did pointed toward that resurrection — His, and our hope of resurrection also.

What do you believe?

photo of man sitting on a cave

I can answer the question above for you. The answer is “Yes,” the actions of your faith do always reveal what you believe about the resurrection. This is true of believers and unbelievers alike. You will know it by the sorts of treasures you seek.

Again I ask you, What do you believe?

More tomorrow…

To hear Pastor Steve’s Easter Sunday message, link here and look for the April 21 message under ‘Media.’

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