Thursday, 4/18/19 – Discipleship: The Bible

red strawberry and raspberry on white ceramic bowlI love Greek yogurt — plain white Greek yogurt. I even like Greek yogurt better than ice cream! I use it like ice cream too sometimes. I take plain white Greek yogurt add some fruit and nuts, pour on some syrup, or maybe molasses. Mmmm. This stuff is yummy! The best part is, I don’t have that blood sugar crash an hour or so later. In fact I feel nourished. in fact I am nourished! Greek yogurt is good for me!

I use Greek yogurt sometimes like sour cream on a baked potato or sometimes I use it in place of mayonnaise. Greek yogurt hasn’t let me down yet. it’s always sustained me well, been good for my bones, good for my bowels, and stuck to my ribs.

black ceramic bowl filled with cereal

Now, I didn’t always feel this way. There was a time when I never ate Greek yogurt at all — especially plain white Greek yogurt. I preferred the lighter, fruit-flavored, colorful ones. The first time I tried plain white Greek yogurt it was simply a matter of discipline. I was told it would be good for my health, my fragile bones, and irritable digestive system. I got it down okay. It wasn’t repulsive. It just wasn’t what I had got used to. But the more I indulged in it the more I began to really enjoy it, especially because of that ‘feel-good,’ nourished and healthy feeling I’d have afterwards.

Well for some folk, developing a good Bible reading habit is similar. I mean, just look at the size of that thing! It’s probably the thickest most formidable looking book you’ve ever seen on your bookshelf!

person holding opened book

But looking at the Bible like that is like looking at an entire supermarket! Or as an even better analogy, it’s like looking at an entire Library! In fact, that’s exactly what the Bible is! The word “Bible” derives from the Greek word “Biblia” which means “books,” sixty-six books in all. It’s also from where we derive the word “bibliography.”

So don’t be intimidated. Go to the Bible like you would go to the library. Browse around a bit, but pick a book that you can start to read. Perhaps it will seem like a discipline at first but soon you will find, as I did with my plain white yogurt, that the Bible is good for you. It nourishes you deep in your soul. It makes you stronger on the inside, and it sticks with you especially in times of trouble or need. The Bible will never let you down.

Soon you will come to desire it, to seek it out as a newborn looks for its mother’s breast. As Peter writes, “Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.” (1 Pet. 2:2,3)

Taste and see.

Press on…

Are you interested in being discipled one-on-one in the fundamentals of new life in Christ? Or, perhaps you would you like to know how to begin this journey and take the very first of the First Steps by turning from your current path and committing your path to Christ? — Use the Contact page and we’ll get you started.

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