Tuesday, 4/2/19 – Pressing on…

Screenshot_20190331-153918The phrase “May The Force Be With You,” https://youtu.be/VH83SsL_fIQ was first uttered in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (released May 25, 1977). George Lucas wanted to introduce an element of ‘spirituality’ into the saga, but a full ‘theology of just what “The Force” was had not then been worked out. Lucas later offered this explanation:

“The act of living generates a force field, an energy. That energy surrounds us; when we die, that energy joins with all the other energy. There is a giant mass of energy in the universe that has a good side and a bad side. We are part of the Force because we generate the power that makes the Force live. When we die, we become part of that Force, so we never really die; we continue as part of the Force.” – George Lucas during a production meeting for The Empire Strikes Back.

Award-winning science journalist JV Chamary has since proposed a much briefer definition: “The Force is the energy that flows through the cosmic ecosystem.”

Despite its obvious fictional roots this thinking seems to have caught on in our society. Many so-called “New Age” philosophies buy into this “tapping into the energy of the universe” bunk, depersonalizing God Almighty and making Him a “Force” to be skillfully utilized. It should be no surprise then when Christians come to view the Holy Spirit through Star Wars tinted (or tainted) glasses.

But the Holy Spirit is not a cosmic force; the Holy Spirit is a Person.

Did you get that? The Holy Spirit is a Person!

20190401_072709It would serve many of us right if one day He were to grab us by the shoulders, rip off those Lucas lenses, look us in the eyes and shout, “Hey! I have feelings too, you know!

Many Christians have forgotten this — many too never learned this fundamental fact of our resident Comforter, Convict-er, Counsellor and Companion. Just as God is Person, and Christ is Person, so too is the Holy Spirit! He is the third Person of the Trinity!

As a Person the Holy Spirit responds to our treatment of Him. He grieves (Isa. 63:10, Eph. 4:30), Has a mind and intercedes for us (Rom. 8:27), He speaks words of direction, commission, and prophecy (2 Sam. 23:2, Acts 8:29; 10:19; 11:12; 13:2; 21:11; 28:25-26; 1 Tim. 4:1). He can be lied to (Acts 5:3), tested (Acts 5:9), and resisted (Acts 7:1). He knows the thoughts and purposes of God which we cannot comprehend (1 Cor. 2:11). He gives witness to Christ, and empowers us with courage and words to say in answer to our accusers (Acts 5:32, Luke 12:12).

opened book in selective focus photography

The Holy Spirit teaches (John 14:26), intercedes (Rom. 8:26), leads (Matt. 4:1), and gives life (John 6:63). He is resident in every believer (Ezek. 36:27, 1 Cor. 3:16; 6:19) and will fill the seeking soul to overflowing (Acts 2:4).

That’s a lot of Bible references, but I challenge you to look each one up, perhaps copy them down too. I promise you it will be an enriching exercise!

More tomorrow…

Listen to Pastor Steve’s complete message on ‘Grieving the Holy Spirit’ online at the Lincoln Baptist Church website! Look for the March 31 message under ‘Media.’

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