Monday, 3/4/19 – Pressing on…

person holding stainless steel spoon while stirring liquid filled casserole

A popular bit of folklore says that the way to tell if cooked spaghetti is done is to throw a bit of it up to the ceiling and if it sticks it is done. But it’s not exactly true.

As spaghetti cooks it releases starch into the water which then clings to the surface of the pasta. However, spaghetti cooks from the outside in. It is quite likely that the outside surface of your spaghetti will become sticky before it is indeed fully cooked within. It may not be done at all.

But what makes “spaghetti sticking” a hit-and-miss deal?

Well, many factors come into play: the amount of oil you may have added to the boiling water will reduce the stickiness of the pasta. How much of the spaghetti strand actually makes contact with the ceiling, and how forcefully it is thrown also affect spaghetti sticking power.

It’s pretty much a hit-and-miss sort of thing.

man wearing bonnet and hoodie

This past Sunday Don Longworth shared with us how many believers view prayer in a similar hit-and-miss fashion. They throw their prayers heavenward hoping they will ‘stick’ and God will answer them in the manner they desire. They coat them with oily slippery words and keep stirring them in a big pot of petition but to no avail. Their prayers always seem a hit-and-miss thing.

But real prayer has nothing to do with perfecting the pasta. Real prayer is not about feeding yourself at all! Real prayer is in appreciating the ceiling.

Step back… you may find the target of your tosses has been the Sistine Chapel all along. Be awed that you are even allowed to kneel below it. Repent of your audacity in asking anything more of it than simply to be in its presence!

Job had many questions, many complaints, many petitions. Then God spoke. None of Job’s utterances were answered — not one strand stuck. Yet Job lay content… speechless in his ashes… He had encountered more than enough.

“What is revival?” Don asks… It is God…. GOD!

The Lord confides in those who fear Him” (Psalm. 25:14)

Press in to Him today. Stick close to Him always.

More tomorrow…

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