Thursday, 2/21/19 – Discipleship: Prayer

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I have plans to meet with a buddy of mine over coffee this morning… in fact I may just be meeting with him now as you read this blog. We usually get together once a week and we often keep in touch electronically through the week. We’ve gotten to know each other fairly well over the years. We’re interested in each other’s lives, try to help each other out when tough decisions are necessary. And when life hurts, we support each other… sometimes by just hurting along with the other person.

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Sometimes we have big news to share; sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we need to ask a favor… or sometimes forgiveness. My buddy and I are friends. We don’t need to dress up or talk formal when we meet. We don’t have to plan ahead of time what we will say or even what we will talk about. We can be ourselves… completely. We enjoy being together.

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Often a brand new Christian will tell me they don’t know how to pray. But God is just as eager as me and my buddy to hear what’s on their mind. You don’t have to dress up, plan ahead, use unfamiliar words or be afraid of doing it wrong. You are just learning, and God will encourage you each step of the way.

What parent is not delighted to hear their babe’s first word… first sentence… and how adorably they add and stumble about with vocabulary. No parent would scold a child for poor grammar! Chatting with God is just the same.

Yes, Jesus had an answer when His disciples asked Him how to pray. But real prayer is not in some formula. Real prayer is just you and God in honest relationship. He s interested in every part of your day, every effort you take to grow, and ready to forgive when you mess up. He wants to help you with your tough decisions, even weep with you when you hurt. He is, after all, your best Friend.

Press on…

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