Monday, 2/4/19 – Pressing on…

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I remember how good it felt last winter when I came down with a miserable chest cold, stomach upset, cold chills and fever – oh, sorry… that wasn’t the good part. The good part was the comfortable resting in my big office recliner, drowsy with Tylenol but snug and cozy under a huge plush quilted comforter. The world and it’s problems spun someplace outside me, and I could do nothing to affect it. I was in a zone… a ‘sick’ zone, unable to ‘do’ anything. For me, now, Job #1 was rest and recovery. I had no say in it.

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I remember another very good experience too, just after my mother had passed away. (Again, not the good part.) I was driving from Saskatoon to an interpreters’ conference in Vancouver. I was run down from all the recent stress and lost sleep. I stopped in to a medical clinic in Hope, BC to see if I could get some antibiotics. The doctor on duty prescribed me some meds, but noticing my emotional distress he asked if anything was upsetting me. After I shared with him about my mother’s recent death he asked, “What would your mother want you to do?”

This cast a whole new light on my despondency. I realized she would want me to find joy again, to carry on, and not become stalled by her passing. I have been grateful since to this man for his counsel and shared often this insight with others.

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Finally, there was another incident where someone at my side supported me. There had been a mix up at work over some now long-forgotten happening. I was in the clear, but couldn’t evidence it. Thankfully another worker advocated on my behalf and the matter passed.

Three very good experiences indeed: comfort, counsel, and vindication. In the above instances the agents which brought these were a blanket, a doctor, and a co-worker. None of these were threatening; all of them were inviting.

How much more is the Holy Spirit all these things – our Comforter, our Counselor, our Advocate! Draw closer to Him today. He is the Great ‘Paraclete,’ the One called alongside us, our Helper.

More tomorrow…

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