Monday, 1/14/19 – Pressing on…

I like watching the old English sit-com “Keeping up Appearances” (Vision TV). Patricia Routledge plays Hyacinth Bucket — which, she insists, must be pronounced “Bouquet,” in keeping with her upper class persona.

Hyacinth’s doting about presenting herself as the absolute epitome of eminence drives everyone around her to distraction. Her neighbor, Elizabeth, played by Josephine Tewson, is constantly flustered when responding to Hyacinth’s daily summons to tea. Elizabeth becomes so nervous in Hyacinth’s presence that she constantly spills things which only adds to her tension.

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It can be a nerve-wrecking experience when one is forced into a social situation with folk a class or two above one’s own. Imagine the panic you might experience if you were suddenly told you had royalty coming for dinner! What a scramble… what a privilege… yet, what a relief once the visit was over!

Some people approach the notion of sidling up to the Holy Spirit like that too. After all, His very Name sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? — The Holy Spirit. If the “Holy” part doesn’t spook you then the “Spirit” tag certainly well could. Then there’s all those fanatics, and ‘holy rollers,’ and weird cults, and…

But wait a minute! The Holy Spirit is nothing like that. Jesus called Him “the Comforter” – that doesn’t sound so spooky. He also called Him “the Spirit of Truth.” – a rare and valuable thing in today’s world of ‘fake news,’ deception, and modernism.

The Holy Spirit is not the Tasmanian devil of the Trinity, but more like a butterfly or dove, which will land on the quieted and patient heart. At creation God (the Father) willed, then spoke (The ‘Word,’ the Son) things into being, but the Spirit ‘brooded‘ over creation… calmly present, loving, assessing… and God said about it all “It is good.”

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When you encounter the Holy Spirit you encounter the Spirit of Christ, the Love of the Father. You come to an assuring Voice, to One Who informs your conscience correctly, Who empowers you with courage and wisdom, aids you in your prayers, and comforts you in your sorrows. The Holy Spirit speaks into your heart in words that cannot be uttered. The Holy Spirit transforms you. He wants nothing but for your being to glorify both the Son and Father. He lifts you up so that in time you too may be holy.

The Holy Spirit wants to pour as you sup with Jesus. He will steady your hand… you need not spill a drop!

More tomorrow…

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