Monday, 10/22/18 – Pressing on…

20181021_144432When I was a kid I had this little battery powered metal toy robot. Switch him on and he would light up, his arms would alternately go up and down, his eyes would flash, and he would begin to walk forward… click whirr, right left, up down, click whirr, right left, up down — until he would walk into something right in front of him. SMACK!

Undaunted, he would simply do a mechanical 90° wobble to the left or the right and continue walking… click whirr, right left, up down, click whirr, right left, up down… you get the idea. He was designed that way, and I found him a great companion. I never knew exactly which way He would go next and it was great fun.

There were other toy robots on the market robots that walked and flashed lights and waved their arms, but many of these would bump into something and just stay there trying to push on… trying to push on… trying to push on… but of course getting nowhere!

These robots weren’t nearly as much fun and didn’t make very good companions at all.

This past Sunday we were honored with a report from another young SIM missionary couple, Graham & Kathleen Crawford. They too had served a term in Benin, Africa. They too had to cut their ministry short due to personal and health reasons. They too wondered at the numerous obstacles their straight course encountered. SMACK!

Graham shared how his initial duties as ‘project coordinator’ did not seem to quite fit, but turning 90° he discovered a new task as ‘digital media coordinator’ — something right up his alley, something that the Lord had in mind all along. This work has continued to date, long after the Crawfords return to Canada. Kathleen found her duties turned to becoming a confidante of sorts helping young girls answer some of their more delicate “feminine” questions which they were too embarrassed to ask their male instructor.

Currently, the Crawfords are marching faithfully forward as they await the birth of their first child. Click whirr, right left, up down, click whirr, right left, up down… not sure where they are headed, but daily drawing from the power within them to stay the course one step and one pump at a time.

How about you? Has your life gone SMACK lately — right into something in front of you? Are you trying to push on… trying to push on… but getting nowhere? Maybe its time to follow a new program, get a new power source. Seek a new Designer… One who has had a great plan for you all along!

Need His number?

Use the Contact page and I’ll be glad to get it to you.

More tomorrow…


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