Monday, 10/1/18 – Pressing on…

Yesterday Pastor Steve shared with us on the changes and challenges upon entering a new season of life or routine. [Check here for audio of this and other Sunday messages]. His mention of the four natural seasons of earth reminded me of the 60s music group by the same name.

“The Four Seasons” was a popular 60s pop-rock group headed by the extreme, almost screeching soprano of Frankie Valli. Those who remember them will soon call to mind hits like Sherry, Rag doll, Walk like a man, and Big girls don’t cry. Essentially they were a 60s rock tweak to the barbershop quartet.

Thing is, despite the extremes of the lead vocalist, it all worked together. It made one complete and distinctive sound. By accepting their changes as an emerging new sound and rising to the challenges of an established recording industry these four became the champions they are remembered as today. Note: For a taste of this nostalgia, click here:

There was no one like “The Four Seasons” – and there is no one quite like you either. I like what Pastor Rod Hembree stated recently, “God has a plan; His timing is perfect every day! God planned that we would be in this time and this place – right now!” – Rod Hembree, Quick Study, Sept.30, 2018 email.

You are here, now, in this time, in this culture, with a heritage that is uniquely yours. As you move through your seasons with their accompanying changes and challenges, remember: it is not all just pointless meandering. Look up. Trust yourself to the good hands of our all-knowing Father. He intends to complete what He is doing. One day you will see how it all becomes a harmony – even your most annoying little ‘screechy’ bits have their perfect places to fill. He intends to make you something magnificent. He intends to make you a champion.

More tomorrow…

One thought on “Monday, 10/1/18 – Pressing on…

  1. Great blog today John. I remember seeing the Four Seasons in concert on the night of the official opening of Harbour Station in Saint John. God’s timing is perfect and there is a time for every activity under heaven. 🙂

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