Monday, 9/3/18 – Pressing on…

I was well into my mid thirties before I befriended buoyancy. “Now, lean back into the water,” the instructor directed, as I stood for the first time in water up to my ribcage. The notion seemed ludicrous! Surely I would go under! “Let the water support you,” she added.

I was in good company. This was an adult ‘Learn to Swim’ class for the terrified. But we had all decided today was the day! I leaned back.

“Let your legs float up as you lean back… just lie back on the water.” She sloshed over to my side and helped position me. “See… you’re doing it!” I wondered, Was she helping support me too much? Was I really–then she backed away!

Now there could be no question; I was floating! Buoyancy had revealed its consistent nature. I could be as confident in buoyancy to support me tomorrow as I had experienced it support me today.

For the past several weeks now Pastor Steve has been speaking on our having confidence in Christ. The two are quite similar. Like discovering confidence in buoyancy, the first step in acquiring confidence in Christ is the same: you’ve got to get into the water.

More tomorrow…


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